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Let's go on an exciting adventure with Ocean Park's new characters "Whiskers & Friends" and learn about how to protect the environment for both humans and animals!

Whiskers & Friends

Happy Island is the home of Whiskers and his friends Dougie, Fluffi, Bao Bao, Mark and Justin.

Their parents told them a long time ago, their ancestors left their original home, a place that had grown over-polluted. They discovered a beautiful island where no pollution was to be found – Happy Island, and decided to stay for good. But Whiskers and his friends found life on the island boring, and were very curious about the outside world. They tried everything to discover news from beyond their island. In their hearts, the desire to adventure grew stronger every day.

One day, a storm brought a mysterious ship to the island’s shore. Whiskers and his friends discovered the ship, named the "Blue Adventure". Inside, they found a navigational manual and a map, which showed that a massive land existed across the sea! There were so many places to be found with so many secrets to be discovered! The people of these new places may have invented ways to fight back the pollution and what’s more, they could all make new friends! Upon exploring further, they also learned the ship was built by Redd’s Shipyard.

So riding aboard the "Blue Adventure", Whiskers, the big brother among his friends, led them all on their journey to look for Redd across the deep, sparkling ocean.

After a while at sea, Dougie began to feel hungry, Fluffi missed her parents, the energetic Justin was too bored to move and even Mark, who always boasted about his bravery, was quiet. Ever the optimist, Bao Bao tried to cheer everyone up with her songs…

Suddenly, Whiskers saw land through his telescope! He led everyone to speed the ship towards the shore.

On the shore, someone was waving. "Oh, this is my ship, isn’t it?" he asked.

This was how Whiskers and his friends met their first new friend— the builder of the Blue Adventure, Redd!

What will Whiskers, Redd and their friends find next?
Their adventure has just begun.